Thursday, March 25, 2010

Delicious muffin and cupcake...

Muffin almond slice chocolate
RM 1.50/piece

Muffin oreo
RM 1.50/piece

Muffin for door gift
RM 1.00/pice
500 pcs and more RM 0.90 (1 pcs)

Mamon philippine
RM 2.00 (1 pcs)

Cute cup cakes
RM 3.50 (1 pcs)

Monday, March 1, 2010


A cupcake (the common US, Canadian, South African and Australian term) or fairy cake (the common British and Irish term), is a small cake designed to serve one person, frequently baked in a small, thin paper or aluminium cup.

As with larger cakes, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles, are common on cupcakes.


A muffin is a type of bread that is baked in small portions. Many forms are somewhat like small cakes or cupcakes in shape, although they usually are not as sweet as cupcakes and generally lack frosting.

There are many varieties and flavours of muffins made with a specific ingredient such as blueberries, chocolate chips, cucumbers, raspberry, cinnamon, pumpkin, date, nut, lemon, banana, orange, peach, strawberry, boysenberry, almond, and carrot, baked into the muffin.

Muffins are often eaten for breakfast; alternatively, they may be served for tea or at other meals